Possible Conflicts

Compatibility with plugins and themes
As there is relatively very little difference in code between WordPress 4.9.x and calmPress 0.9.x we expect that 99% of the plugins and themes should “just work”.

Two areas that might be problematic are:

  • Security type plugins, such as Wordfence, that try to verify that you are running WordPress will fail.
  • Any plugin that assumes that automatic updates work, will most likely not function fully.

Should work but not properly tested
Some things have not been tested, but should work:

  • Multisite (although this site runs on such a configuration)
  • Nginx web server

Compatibility with 3rd party tools and other utilities
WP-CLI – Compatibility was not tested. Some things related to update of core might or might not work, but it is very likely that things like plugin and theme updates will work as expected.

Long Term Support
As we are going to backport changes from whatever releases WordPress will make on the 4.9.x line, it is hard to provide commitments written in stone, but this is what we are planning to have:

  • Patch releases will be published ASAP after WordPress publishes a new release on the 4.9.x line. The intention is to have only major bug fixes in the patch releases, but we might introduce also non critical fixes and changes added to the relevant 4.9.x WordPress releases.
  • End of support for the 0.9.x version is scheduled for the 31st of December 2021. At that time, the 1.0.x version will be the stable version.