calmPress Roadmap

calmPress deviations from WordPress are guided by staying as close as possible to WordPress while improving security and privacy aspects.

Plan for Beta Version 0.9.x

List of issues for the milestone on GitHub

  • Branding. Wherever it is relevant, replace WordPress with calmPress.
  • New default theme based on the twentyseventeen theme. This was required mainly because of branding change.
  • Core upgrades. Change the upgrade functionality to get upgrades from instead of and simplify how the upgrade works (mainly to simplify the requirements from the server when sending an update). In addition allow the user more control over which version to upgrade to.
  • Core translations. As we do not have any right now, the relevant code was removed or silenced.
  • Gutenberg. The call out was removed.
  • Privacy. Remove as much code as possible that depends on communicating with When it is impossible to remove, anonymize the data sent as much as possible.
  • Remove Akismet. Akismet is a privacy violator, and there are much better ways to combat spam. People that are still interested in using it can download it from the plugin repository, but it has no place in the distribution of  software which is privacy oriented.
  • Misc feature deprecation. Some of the features below just required code which had to be changed for one of the major changes, and it was easier to just remove them over changing them now and waiting for the 1.0.0 to remove them.
    • Windows Live Writer. This product died years ago, no point in keeping the code.
    • User IM contact information. Probably never was useful to anyone.
    • WordPress event widget. While there is nothing essentially wrong with calmPress users gaining more WordPress knowledge, at least for now the branding is wrong and it requires sending user personal information to a server for which we have no idea of its privacy policy.
    • Version “about” page in the admin. Again, the branding is totally wrong, and in general this kind of text needlessly bloats the code, and it has no proven benefit to the user. The calmPress philosophy is that users should read about versions before upgrading to them, not after it is a done deal.
    • Browser happy. This feature contacts the servers for which we have no idea about its privacy policy. In addition if users want to use outdated browsers, and they are happy with the results,  it is not our job to try to reeducate them.
    • Control of smilies to images conversion. Control of this feature was deprecated from core years ago, so there is no reason to keep the code.

Plan for Alpha Version 1.0.x

List of issues for the milestone on GitHub

The main focus for this version will be deprecation of features which are outdated, or not useful. Here is a partial list:

  • RSS feeds
  • Trackbacks/pingbacks
  • Search engine ping
  • Sticky posts
  • Password protected posts
  • Theme and plugin code editing
  • CSS editing
  • Gravatars
  • Editing content as HTML
  • Old fashioned URL structures
  • RSD
  • Generator tag

General improvements over WordPress

  • Remove the need for authors to be users
  • Set comments to be off by default
  • Improve security via more restrictive htaccess setting
  • Support a composer oriented distribution

Right now the sole contributor is Mark Kaplun, a WordPress user and hacker since version 2.0.4, and a prolific contributor to the WordPress stackexchange.

He is standing on the huge shoulders of all previous (and future) WordPress contributors, and the contributors of the libraries used by WordPress.

But this is not intended to be a one man hobby project to be abandoned after a short time, but a serious attempt at producing a product worthy of being used in the long-term, and one man is less likely to be able to achieve that.
Therefore you are more than welcome to get involved, by contributing ideas and/or code in GitHub, and helping evolve this site’s content and visuals. If you are interested in contributing to the site, please use the Contact form to get in touch.