Version 0.9

This version is focus on removing the gutenberg call out, branding changes, and getting updates from
It is based on WordPress version 4.9 release line.

What the version lacks compared to WordPress versions is:

  • Testing on multisite enviroment. There should not be a reason to not work in such an enviroment, but no testing were done on it.
  • Core admin localization. About 50% of WordPress users use it for english sites (at least based on the stats), and it is just not easy to localize if you do not know the language ;) OTOH plugin and theme localization should work as expected.

Follows list of minor versions and their related issues.

Version 0.9.11

Merge with WordPress 4.9.10

Version 0.9.10

Merge with WordPress 4.9.9

Version 0.9.9