Version 1.0

The first release in which we will start to show our long term vision. It will focus on low hanging security improvements, introduction of core plugins and deprecation of many things we do not believe that they have a place in core.

Minimum requirements:

  • PHP 7.0 or above
  • MySQL 5.0 or above (or MariaDB compatible version)
  • For install running on Apache, mod_rewrite, mod_deflate, mod_expires
  • PHP modules: MySQLi, Zip


  • PHP modules: FTP

Major discrepancies with WordPress 5.2:

  • Support for plain and numerical URLs eliminated
  • Theme and plugin editing eliminated
  • edit_files, edit_plugins, and edit_themes  capabilities removed
  • Email address is used to identify users in all the places where the user name was used
  • changes in .htaccess to support rewrite rules and default to better security and better performance. It serves HTML and various resource  compressed, and instructs browser to cache resource for a month where applicable

Security improvements

  • Prevention of user enumeration and lekage
  • Direct access to plugin’s theme’s PHP files, which is an important vector in attacks, is blocked.

Performance improvements

  • Removal of the emoji JS based shim from the front end
  • Various obsolete code removal

Follows list of minor versions and their related issues.

Version 1.0.0